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Dancing Carrots Season, Episode 3

Carrot Gravy

In the Dancing Carrots Season, Episode 3 we are going to make a delicious Carrot Gravy using fresh coconut.
I found some coconuts in Uchumi supermarket and you can find it anywhere in any store nearest to you. Traditionally in the Swahili cultures,cocounuts have been used to add into diffent foods to add flavour. The coconuts are pounded, ground or crushed and soaked in hot water . After about 12 or 24 hours, you can stain/sieve the coconut and use the juice to add to your rice, chicken or to a freshly blended juice to give it that sweet flavour . 

Dancing Carrots Season, Episode 2

Carrot Curry

In the first episode we made ourselves a Carrot Soup, I hope everyone who tried it enjoyed it. I made it yet again and this time with a little more chilies. I find it so soothing especially with the flu I was suffering from, I couldn’t have asked for a better remedy.
Today I present to you in Episode 2, the Carrot Curry that comes out thick and tomato saucy. It not only looks so delicious served atop your white boiled green vegetable rice but the way it caresses your tongue mmmm am so sure you are going to love this one