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Pan Fried Sausages

I still recall when one of my sisters let's call her Lucy nahhhh no biggie we'll just call her by her real name; Edna. In Africa we never like to say step or half so even though she is my stepsister, we call each other sisters. It kinda feels weird to say stepsister when we actually lived like real ones with each other.

Ok!! thats beside the story. 
So where was I?; 
yes, so I still recall when Edna pan fried her first sausages and after about 2 mins, she walked to dad and asked should I sprinkle salt now", @%$^&*&^(()_ 

So that was the story of how Edna fried her first sausage :-))))))))

Most of us do not pan fry sausages well, Even in some take outs at shopping mall, you still find that the pan fried sausages served with your take out meal either look tortured or are under fried and still raw pink inside. So this morning soon as I sat at my desk and checked if I had any unread mails and replied whichever needed to be, I logged into Facebook and found a simplifying method posted by Pika Chakula to nicely well cooked pan fried sausages.

What you need:

Spanish Saffron

After a really long time of having my dinner meals at the same restaurant, last night I thought I should make myself some saffron spiced vegetable rice. In my kitchen cabinet I had Spanish saffron. As I soaked one cup of basmati rice in Luke warm water and set my pan of 2 cups of water, a drop of vegetable cooking oil and a pinch of salt, it hit me that I had almost no idea how to use saffron. I was a little girl when my aunt used to make her nicely flavored saffron spiced rice and I never went to the kitchen to see that it

Master Jayden

African Fried Liver
My little cute cousin, Jayden; he's is such a hunk of a kid, really I mean it, you should see the way he bites his tongue when smiling. I am begining to think he could be my son and I just don't know it(ok! am kidding about that) He has those cute bunny teeth that make him so adorable just like mine haha so anyway Jayden was once reason for family to get together. Ofcourse I can’t remember much except for the lovely cool Sunday afternoon weather and that there was lots of laughter, drinks, joking around and food that to this day I still reminisce over…all this happened more than 4 months ago.